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Who We Are?


Brothers Todd and Gordon Kwasniewski founded TOGO Custom Homes, LLC in 1998. Before this, they started working for their father’s construction company, giving them more than 30 years of experience. While working for their father, Todd and Gordon became experienced in all phases of homebuilding and remodeling. They can physically perform all trades, ensuring that any contractors working on a project perform work to their quality standards.

Our reputation for quality work has earned us a well-established working relationship with qualified subcontractors and vendors. Our quality craftsmanship, integrity, and overall commitment to excellence ensure that we surpass our clients’ expectations for a truly custom-built home.

Our Competence

General Contracting

100 %

Construction Management

100 %

Design And Build

80 %

Preconstruction & Planning

85 %

Special Projects

89 %

Sustainable Construction

95 %

Building Consultant

As a residential building consultant we are professionals who carry out a number of general and specific tasks, varying in size and importance regarding the construction process containing but not limited to building and/or renovating, general building advice, clarifying building requirements in relation to building code  and standards, general building and specialist issues, energy efficiency and chemical free non-toxic home building.

Project Management

Our Project Management skills of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of our Team, achieving specific goals for the success of your project in a timely fashion, is our main focus. With the help of our VIP Client Portal Page access, each and everyone of your projects with Togo Custom Homes is available for your review and right at your fingertips.

Sustainable Building

Sustainable Building or Green Construction refers to both a structure and the application of processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building’s life-cycle: from planning to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition. Togo Custom Homes, LLC takes great pride in offering GREEN products in order to efficiently use energy, water, and other resources, protect occupant health and reducing waste, pollution and environmental degradation.


We know how important it is for you to see examples of our work, so please feel free to browse through some of our featured projects which include home additions, whole house renovations, kitchen and bath renovations and new construction homes.
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Join Togo Custom Homes

At Togo Custom Homes we offer a personal touch and a promise to always keep on top of the latest technology, innovations in home renovations and home building.  It is with great pride that our reputation and great craftsmanship has and continues to give us 30+ years of success.  If you have the drive, passion and skillset to always be reaching higher it’s time to come join us. 

The Personal Touch

Togo Custom Homes takes great pride in delivering top-notch renovation and home building results to our Customers. We spend the time needed with our Customers to learn their goals, answer their concerns and questions and offer solutions to best suit their everyday lifestyle of living in their home. All of this is done with a personal touch and guidance that far outweighs that of our competitors.  With our vast wealth and knowledge of the industry and hands-on expertise you can be assured you will be getting the best craftsmanship around.

Our Promise
to You

Here at Togo Custom Homes we are continually tweaking, organizing and implementing strategies to improve and work more effectively and efficiently within all of our work activities on and around the job site. By doing so, this allows us to create for you your dream space in a cost-effective, timely manner. We promise to Continue to grow and educate ourselves in our industry to continue to provide to you excellence.

to Count On

At Togo Custom Homes we only offer to you the highest quality craftsmanship possible.  In utilizing our 30+ years of experience and only high quality materials that meet the strictest code requirements, energy-efficiency and durability, your house will become a true home.

Construction Expertise
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Our quality craftsmanship, integrity, and overall commitment to excellence ensure that we will surpass your expectations!
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