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DIY Outdoor Sofa

This DIY sofa is gorgeous!  Shoutout to HomeMadeModern  who featured this lovely project! They made this sofa with basic power tools and did it just under 5 hours. Couch was made with 4x8s, 2x8s, and some outdoor sofa cushions which they bought from their local outlet store. Made from solid wood with a grey Minwax wood stain finish this piece will fit any outdoor patio! Give it a shot today and click the link above to watch the complete project from start to finish.  Good luck.

A wooden bench

DIY Outdoor Bench or Coffee Table


There are several projects we come across that get a thumbs up on the DIY home projects that we love to share with you.
Today it’s our shoutout to DIY Montreal on their project of “How to build a modern outdoor bench or coffee table”. Slick little project that looks great. This outdoor bench is made from your everyday 2×4’s. It looks like expensive modern outdoor furniture and you are going to love it! Great job Mary at DIY Montreal!

Watch This Video

2 x 4 x 8′
Waterproof wood glue
Ikea Varda wood furniture stain & protector
Furniture glides

Mitre saw
Power sander
Mini foam roller
Speed square
Stain applicator