Tips for Picking a Lot To Build Your New Home


When selecting a lot to build on for your new home many things come into play.  The key, however to stay focused on is location, location, location!  You should focus on a lot that is close to great amenities like grocery stores, malls and civilization! I had to throw that one in there because believe it or not I have come across many people trying to resell a home years down the road that did not think things through when building or buying their house….and this is exactly why it sits on the market for a very long time. Again, location, location, location is key!

Since picking a lot is a bit overwhelming and difficult at times let me layout 7 great tips to help you chose the best lot to build your new home on.

7 Tips for Picking a Lot to Build Your New House On

  • Run from choosing a lot on or near a busy road.  It will cause you great headaches with noise distractions, resell value and getting in and out of your home safely.
  • Choose the direction the front of your house will face wisely.  Consider weather conditions, snow, drainage, icy driveways, direct sunlight heat..etc.  All of these items can have costly consequences such as more sun means more high air conditioning bills, improper drainage of snowy weather conditions or icy driveways means hiring snow removal company or fighting it yourself every winter causing you not just money but time.
  • Stay away from strange shaped lots.
  • Be careful buying a house that’s next to a vacant lot outside of a development plan. You may get your dream home and get settled in, enjoy the view and then the vacant lot is sold and a crazy build plan is set right next to yours covering your beautiful view and moving in with 10 dogs, 25 kids and a pet snake…just saying!
  • Don’t by a lot with a steep slope.
  • Take a hard look at corner lots or cul-de-sacs.  Although these type of lot locations can be nice because you can obtain a bigger backyard and a side yard, only one neighbor on one side, and possibly spectacular views you’ll need to consider heavy traffic use, noise and safety for you pulling out of your home and for your kids playing.
  • Take a look at the history of the lot and make sure there are no environmental concerns cost you in setbacks and money.