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Bathroom Renovation Success

Bathroom renovations are a definite must do, not only for convenience but also for getting the best value for your home on a resell. The keys to a great bathroom remodel are in the careful planning and choosing the right layout and design.


Do some preliminary homework before calling a contractor.  Define how your space will be utilized, your wants and needs and try to talk with all of those in your home who will be using the space. Map everything out from the layout to the amount of plugs needed, to the fixtures and finishings. By defining these things and having them ready to discuss before meeting with a contractor it will help you and the contractor work together more efficiently and effectively in reaching your ultimate goal.


One of the most important things you could ever do is spend quality time finding and visiting with a reputable Contractor. Spending the time upfront to narrow down what you can and can not do with your layout with your Contractor is crucial. If you are local, contact Togo Custom Homes we’d be honored to work with you. On a scheduled visit we will meet with you and discuss your goals and the preliminary layout and what will work best.  A professional design will then be drawn up and an estimate will be provided to you shortly after that.


When you start the process of reviewing your bid or bids be sure everything you have discussed with the Contractor is within the breakdown. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples when reviewing several bids. Finally, don’t always make your decision based solely on pricing. In fact, be sure to take into consideration online reviews of your Contractor, project references, your meet and greet experience and the professionalism of the Contractor, the bid and the communications to date. If you look at all of these instances and take them into perspective you’ll be able to make a very good and informed decision as to a great Contractor.


Now that your Contractor has been chosen it is time to sign the agreement and start the demo process. Many people try to tackle the demolition process on their own, however let me suggestion not doing so. Allow the Contractor to do this process and handle everything from start to finish. You will thank yourself in the long run. Why so? In this world of DIY we all try to tackle too much… juggling life, jobs, family… sometimes it’s just to much to handle and honestly what always happens is all these things get bogged down and “the project” timeframe gets delayed which then disrupts life further. A good Contractor will keep the project schedule on track and have you enjoying your new gorgeous bathroom in no time at all.


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