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How to Decide Your Roofing

If you are like many of us in the midst of replacing your roofing or even building a new home and it’s time to decide what roofing materials to use, you will want to read this article in it’s entirety. As you know there are many options for roofing from shingles, to metal roofing, to solar tiles, …and more. Let’s take a look at your options:


Roof shingles come in many different styles that can really allow your home or building to standout. Finding the one that best suits your home is easier to do when you have all the facts.

3-Tab roof shingles create the typical rectangular shingle look you see when driving by homes. Many colors are available, you can install it easily yourself and the pricing is great as it is the cheapest roofing option. Mostly found on rental housing or lower costing homes.

Architectural Roof Shingles

Architectural roof shingles are a premium type of asphalt shingle known as “dimensional”. These shingles last longer and look better.

Tile Roof Shingles

Terracotta clay roofing tiles are used a lot on historical properties and homes with old world, southwest, mission type architecture style. They are more energy efficient and come in many different styles and shapes.

Wood Roof Shingles

Wood roof shingles are a great sustainable roofing option. In fact, they provide a natural insulation up to two times that of asphalt shingles. This allows you to conserve home heating and cooling costs, and significantly save on energy bills which is always great!

Shake Roof Shingles

Shake shingles have been used for roofing and siding for years and years. From cedar wood shakes to wood shakes which tend to have a rustic textured appearance, you truly can’t go wrong. Just note, there is maintenance you have to consider. A proper cleaning, allows for the infestations and moisture to be removed, allowing the shakes to breathe again and stay dry. On average, a good cleaning should last between six and eight years. Do keep this in mind.

Slate Roof Shingles

Slate roof shingles are durable, eco-friendly and fireproof. Roofs done with slate are extremely impressive. Although slate is very costly, including the installation these roofs will last a very long time. To maintain a slate roof you should at least once a year carry out an inspection to look for leaks or repairs. The one downside now a days is that there are very few true slate roof repairing companies or individuals to help with repairs. They are out there but it is no longer their main focus as not many people can afford a slate roof and installers have to expand their skillsets and handle other roofing materials to bring a paycheck. If you find a good slate roof repair company hang on to them!

Solar Roof Shingles

Solar roof shingles are simply thin-film photovoltaic (PV) cells designed to look like traditional shingles transforming the suns energy into electric that can be used in your home. Clever doesn’t even express this unique and powerful concept.

Solar roof shingles are durable and can withstand high-speed hail impact and very high winds.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is a flat or corrugated metal panels that run up and down the roof slope. Made out of coated steel or aluminum metal roofing is a great option for an energy-efficient approach. Metal roofs reflect solar radiant heat, which can reduce cooling costs by 10-25%. Great for homes, garages, barns and more.

In summary, deciding your best roofing option truly depends on your budget, the look you are looking for and what you overall goal is with your home or property. Doing your homework, knowing your area/market, these items will help you make a great decision. Hope we helped. Good luck!


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