New House … How to choose the Furniture


You’re Builder is almost done with your new home, yet you don’t know how to choose your furniture. An empty home doesn’t help anyone so within this article we will help you to manage your time wisely, find the right furniture to suit your needs and we will have you into your new furnished home so you can enjoy your new home.

Defining the Must-Have’s
Within any fresh start to life you have to define your must-have’s. These must-have’s will help you to stay focused on your goals and budget, keeping the practical functionality of you and your families lifestyle in mind. Create a list of must-have’s by brainstorming. Your list should look something like this:

My Must-Have’s:

  • Kid-friendly
  • Pet-friendly material
  • Durable
  • Non-itchy material (you may have sensitivity to certain fabrics, write down the ones to avoid)
  • Leather
  • Low-maintenance

Defining Your Style
At this point in your life you understand yourself, your style, your comfort needs and truly what makes you you. Utilize this knowledge of who you are from the start! If you are more of a traditional person rather than a contemporary one you will want to keep your focus on the traditional styles when visiting furniture stores or shopping online.

Traditional furniture offers elegance and romance while contemporary furniture is subtle and urban in its appeal. Both styles are wonderful and can offer the right setting for you and your Family.

Knowing Your Budget
Now that you have your Must-Have’s and you’ve narrowed down your style you will want to browse online stores and get the feel for what prices are running for bedroom sets, couches, recliners, etc. Look at your pocketbook and decide how best you plan to afford the necessity furniture items you have mapped out. When you create your budget plan break it down by room: bedroom, living room, office, dining room. This way you can easily see what needs to be spent where.

Calling in the Professionals
You now have the right foundation to call in the Professionals! Reach out to a few local furniture stores that offer free consultation and design. Some of these companies even offer a digital or virtual snapshot of furniture they offer that you are considering into room snapshots of your home so you can see the layout and look first hand! This is a great way to make some rockstar decisions! When meeting with these professionals have them first meet you in your home, snap some photos and take some measurements. You will then want to schedule another meeting with them at their store where you will bring samples of your flooring, cabinet color, carpet, etc. to help pull colors and styles together.

Enjoying Your Choices
With all of your preparation, planning and implementing of your Must-Have’s, style choices and budgeting along with your research and working with a professional you will find everything came together perfectly. You can now enjoy your furniture choices for years to come.